2016 MOON cycling helmet Talent showing in the Olympic Games in Brazil

Just spring goes quietly away, people ache with desire to wait the summer coming what is full of in the air, and the enthusiastic atmosphere is spread in various forms of step by step......

This summer will be unusual , the 31st the Olympic Games, the summer Olympic Games will be held in August 5-21, 2016, held in Rio DE janeiro, Brazil, doomed to unusual this summer, people all over the world sports enthusiastic rising and must have passion with global Olympic summer this summer!

Wang Zhen and Ren chengyuan gain the Olympics ticket by there strength and perseverance in the Mountain bikes in 2015 Asian championships .

They are poised for participate in the Rio Olympics!

Carrying more than 2000 years of athletic spirit, promote people's physical, psychological and social moral all-round development, communication with each other from all over the world . peoples of mutual understanding, spread to all over the world the Olympic creed, the maintenance of world peace, promote cultural exchanges around the world, to inspire the human sports spirit, and sponsored by the international Olympic committee in the Olympic Games, the world's largest integrated games passion overwhelming! MOON high pretend bility impact of brand of homebred cycling god is on a roll, a combination of Brazil's breath and MOON champion of the Olympic atmosphere helmet (HB - 100), enthusiasts will be a strong representation of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

MOON chainmpion helmet HB100 adopt newest EPS with blue color combined with plush accessories ,and advanced ,which is fashionable, innervation and activity. Live your passion ,which will be stick on the helmet .

MOON champion HB100 which always keeps riding safety helmet, composed forward and wear comfortable style. MOON Helmet champion in 2016, will try hard to escort for the Olympic athletes. Thousands of brand of homebred cycling, posture, to enter the Olympic Games but only MOON gain the qualification.

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